Anna Savitska

Фото фіналіста

Location: Chervonohrad, Lviv oblast

School: Chervonohrad school № 1 of grades I-III

Subject: Computer science, Primary education

Why did you become a teacher?

My mother’s story inspired me to become a teacher. As a child she was left an orphan and was forced to work hard for her foster parents. She spent a single day at school, where she came stealthily. She was severely punished for this.

I decided then to teach children regardless of their background, wealth or skin color, because everyone has the right to education.


I was one of the first to use interactive technology in lessons. At first it was just my laptop, but now my students and I are already drawing letters on a smartphone with Clarisketch, testing knowledge through Siri with Apple iPhone, Skype meetings with other schools in Ukraine and even designing and controlling an IoT-robot with Lego.

I am proud of the achievements of my students. For example, one of them, Stepan Chop, works at Google Ireland as a Google product specialist and Google Apps expert.

Rule of life

I have done, am doing and will continue to contribute to the profession, children’s education, and school development.