Antonina Pokazii

Фото фіналіста

Location: Makariv, Kyiv oblast

School: Makariv Multidisciplinary Lyceum of Kyiv oblast

Subject: Mathematics


Why did you become a teacher?

An example for me was my math teacher, whose lessons I loved very much. He inspired me to enter a pedagogical university and later become a teacher.


I created a GeoGebra website for my students, which teaches them how to use an applied mathematics programme. I also host webinars on my YouTube channel.

I also developed methods of teaching elementary mathematics, which formed the basis of pre-university training at Ihor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

I not only teach, but I study all the time: I participated in the All-Ukrainian training “Minecraft Educational Game at School” from Microsoft at Britannica School and in the event “Hack The Classroom” with the support of the British Council Ukraine. I am currently participating in the All-Ukrainian project “Cloud Services in Education” and mastering Microsoft Office 365.

Rule of life

The most interesting thing in life is to acquire new knowledge and share it