Nataliia Naddur

Фото фіналіста

Location: Kyiv

School: Kyiv Gymnasium “Consul” №86

Subject: English language and economics


Why did you become a teacher?

As a child, I was interested in science and technology, so I chose the profession of civil engineer. It so happened that I moved to Lebanon, but I did not have enough knowledge of English to work with foreigners. I graduated from the Linguistics Department of the University of Michigan (Beirut) and then realized that I wanted to teach. I worked at an American college in Lebanon, so she returned to Ukraine with foreign teaching experience and became an English teacher.


I use VITAL SKILLS OF COLLABORATION learning technology, the main principles of which are linguistic guessing, polylingualism, thoughtful reading of the text, creating your own websites, blogging and preparing video presentations.


My students read the Daily Mail, the New York Times and the Guardian every day. They are able to speak in public, have a voice, body language and gestures, can meaningfully diagnose the text, use tags and markers. And all this in English.


In addition to teaching English and economics, I have been leading the Young Traffic Inspectors school team for two years.

Rule of life

3R rule: respect for yourself, respect for others, responsibility for all your actions.