Oksana Ratushnyak

Фото фіналіста

Location: Khmelnytskyi 

School: Khmelnytskyi Gymnasium №1 named after Volodymyr Krasytskyi

Subject: Mathematics


Why did you become a teacher?

Being a teacher is my childhood dream. Because almost everyone in the family was a teacher: grandmother — foreign literature, aunt — Ukrainian language and literature, mother and father — teachers of physics, astronomy and drawing.


My method: learning is research. I teach children to analyze information, think critically, make hypotheses. I want them to feel like real inventors, pioneers in science. In my work I use information and communication technologies Plickers, Prezi service, Learning Apps.


In 2016 I received the award “Best in the profession” in the nomination “Best Teacher” for the author’s training “Human Rights at School”.

Rule of life

Always think, see, hear and feel with your heart.