Oleksandr Chuchaiev

Фото фіналіста

Location: Blahovishchenske, Kirovohrad oblast 

School: Blahovishchenske educational complex №2

Subject: History 


Why did you become a teacher?

I did not think that I would become a teacher, as I was professionally engaged in all-around and planned to link my life with service in the Armed Forces. Thanks to one case, I realized that you can serve your country with the help of teaching.


In history lessons, I always use webquests and comics. For example, we once worked with students to create a “History of the Blahovishchenske District in comics.”


I am also introducing the method of alternative history: studying the topic, my students answer questions such as: “How would Ukraine have developed if Bohdan Khmelnytsky had not signed the Pereyaslav Agreement?” or “How would the world have changed if the European revolutions of the XVII – XVIII centuries didn’t happen?” Such reflections instill in children a responsibility to history and an awareness that everyone can change its course.

To consolidate my knowledge of the history of Ukraine, I am conducting a bicycle quest “Know your past”. It’s two hours on bicycles around the city, creative tasks on the history of Ukraine, solving puzzles and searching for historical monuments. Since I have been involved in hand-to-hand combat since my youth, I also involve children in sports.

Rule of life

Success, in my philosophy, is a constant movement forward. Fast-paced careers and millions in salaries are optional. Success is when you are happy with what you do.