Serhii Kharahu

Фото фіналіста

Location: Lviv

School: Classical gymnasium at Franko National University of Lviv

Subject: National defense 


Why did you become a teacher?

Out of love for atlases and world maps, I entered Lviv National University and became a geography teacher. I always played sports and organized a children’s basketball club during my student time. My passion for sports and pedagogy eventually combined, so now I teach national defense.


We study the concept of global security on the example of other countries, ways to combat hacker attacks, cybercrime and global terrorism. It is important for me that children are aware of the role of humans in creating peace.

We conduct practical military field exercises in the form of a two-day training in the Carpathians. This is my own initiative, supported by the community and anti-terrorist operation zone veterans. I take part in international summer camps, such as Ukrainian language camps for Ukrainians from the East and the Diaspora, as well as “Sources of Tolerance” in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

Together with the students, we were one of the first to go to Euromaidan (I am still a captain of the People’s Self-Defense of Lviv Oblast). We are now helping high school graduates who fought heroically in the anti-terrorist operation zone and orphans.

Rule of life

You are successful when students feel that you are moving forward, that you have not stayed out of progress, that you have not lost the pace of life, that you are in the mainstream.