Serhii Zaitsev

Фото фіналіста

Location: Opishnia, Poltava oblast

School: Poltava school №39

Subject: Ukrainian language and literature


Why did you become a teacher?

At the Pedagogical University I was almost disappointed in my choice of profession, but met my wife, friend and colleague, also a future teacher. She inspired me and helped me understand that being a teacher is my vocation.


I teach children with special needs, and my main task is to adapt them to modern life. You have to choose the textbooks by yourself. We learn Ukrainian language and literature through video presentations, work with a multimedia board and with the help of elements of sand, aroma and color therapy. Together with students, we record videos, presentations and book trailers, where children try themselves in the role of photographers, directors, cameramen, actors and journalists.

Rule of life

My task as a teacher is to transform from an ordinary person to a person with a capital letter.