Nataliia Rudnitska

Фото фіналіста

Location: Kamianets-Podilskyi

School: Kamianets-Podilskyi Secondary School № 17

Subject: Foreign literature, Ukrainian language


Superpower: As an actress, she can transform into the heroes of the works she tells her students about. As a journalist, she critically analyzes life circumstances: both in literature and the classroom. Nataliia’s students say she is not behaving like a “real” teacher but like a “cool” one. The finalist herself is convinced that with her energy and keen sense of justice she will not leave anyone indifferent. The GTPU team agrees.

21st Century Teacher: Who are they in a nutshell? 

They go beyond the school subject, teach the child to think, and make mistakes without compromising self-esteem and self-belief. Nataliia’s brawlers become responsible officers, and the stuttering students are not afraid to go on stage and win the audience award.

What skills do Alpha generation students need? 

Ability to communicate both in writing and orally, resolve conflicts and build cooperation, as well as to manage their own time, and take responsibility. To educate young leaders, Natalia wants to implement the author’s project “Country of The Successful”. The goal is to create conditions for schoolchildren to win academically and develop in a modern way.

Professional dream: To erase subject boundaries. Nataliia is convinced that “A Captain at Fifteen” can be studied in parallel with geography and world history. Moreover, do it more efficiently.

Source of inspiration: teacher-colleague Iryna Savel. She taught Nataliia that pedagogical practices are useful only when they come from the emotional and volitional sphere of the individual.