This is an annual national award for teachers who are agents of educational change. The award is designed to celebrate the achievements of teachers not only in relation to their students, but also in relation to society in general, and emphasize the importance of teachers in Ukraine. The national award was established in 2017 by Osvitoria after signing a memorandum with the Varkey GEMS Foundation.


This is the world's annual award for teachers who have made outstanding contributions to the profession. The award was established by the Varkey GEMS Foundation to emphasize the importance of educators and the fact that their efforts around the world are worthy of being recognized at the highest level.

Section “Why does this award exist?”

To draw public attention to the importance of education and the role of teachers in it
To heighten the prestige of teaching in Ukraine
To inspire the use of modern educational techniques
To include Ukrainian teachers in the global educational community

What kind of teachers are we looking for?

We believe that the best teacher in the country:

1 dreams 2 inspires 3 changes

Supports the development of ideas that open access to quality education for children from all walks of life.

Inspires other teachers with his positive example, uses innovations in teaching, engages in community service, does more than just teaching his subject.

Changes their environment, prepares students to be effective in a globalized world and educates them as citizens of the world.

And also

  • taught students who made significant steps forward in their academic achievements
  • applies innovative educational practices
  • has significant achievements in the professional field, which are noted by colleagues and the community
  • goes beyond the curriculum and classroom
  • promotes the teaching profession and understands the importance of their contribution to the future of Ukraine

Award partners


Nadiia Hrachova project manager
Zoya Lytvyn founder of NGO "Osvitoria"
Yuliia Yatsyshyna project coordinator