Oleksandr Lysych

Фото фіналіста

Location: Chornotychi village, Chernihiv region

School: Chornotychi Secondary School of grades I-III 

Subject: Chemistry


Superpower: He teaches that high school students from neighboring villages sometimes bring only one chemistry textbook to school. Oleksandr is able to compose a programme that a foreign teacher can easily understand even without a translator — all by steel logic.

21st Century Teacher: Who are they in a nutshell? 

They constantly strive for improvement, and also share experiences. Oleksandr inspires his colleagues to make the education system holistic, not fragmentary. He is convinced that the problem of education is not in students, but in teachers and teaching methods. Yes, the finalist tries to be a reagent of positive changes in school and in Ukraine in general.

What skills do Alpha generation students need? Ability to think. Oleksandr teaches students to comprehensively analyze the world according to STEM-methods. What’s more, he does it successfully. His students win international competitions, enter the best free educational institutions of Ukraine and break stereotypes about rural education.


Professional dreams: Finnish girls say that the best groom is a teacher. Oleksandr dreams of an era in Ukraine of treating teachers like Finns. He is convinced that teachers should be respected, because everything starts with school.

Source of inspiration: International vacation school, where you can teach and learn at the same time: thoroughly, intensively, and quickly. For Oleksandr, the opportunity to use author’s methods and pedagogical technologies in the educational process is the greatest motivator.