Oleksandr Zhuk

Фото фіналіста

Oleksandr Zhuk is a computer science teacher at the “Zaporizhzhia special boarding school “Dzherelo”, a finalist of the 2018 Global Teacher Prize Ukraine, and a Top 50 according to the Global Teacher Prize. 


Location: Zaporizhzhia

School: Municipal institution “Zaporizhzhia special boarding school “Dzherelo”

Subject: Computer Science


Superpower: The ability to be more than just a teacher for students who need help. Oleksandr works at a school for children with hearing impairments. His pupils win all-Ukrainian competitions, implement environmental projects and build 3D models.

21st Century Teacher: Who are they in a nutshell?  

He is constantly inspired by new ideas in education and implements them in schools. During the lessons, Oleksandr and his children build solar panels and design virtual models that can then be printed out on a 3D printer.

What skills do Alpha generation students need? 

After graduation, Oleksandr’s students need to understand themselves as individuals and be more integrated into modern society. Moreover, to use a 3D printer and take care of the environment. Oleksandr is an experienced eco-enthusiast. He involves his students in environmental projects, such as “Climate Drops” and “Energy School”. Thus, according to the finalist, children learn to understand that even small actions can and should change the world.

Professional dreams: LEGO robots to work with children, so you can prepare together for national and international battles of robots.

Source of inspiration: The desire to understand: both myself and the world around me.