Olesia Bratash

Фото фіналіста

Location: Dobrotvir, Lviv region

School: Dobrotvir Secondary school of grades I-III

Subject: Ukrainian language, Ukrainian literature


Superpower: Despite my grandmother’s jokes, I believe that the teaching profession is not a punishment, but a blessing. For Olesia, a school is a place of creativity where she works with great love. The finalist is happy that she can help young people gradually build the path to success.

21st Century Teacher: Who are they in a nutshell? 

The teacher is a master of his/her craft. Olesia is convinced that the success of a teacher depends on the success of students. Students of the finalist pass the external examination with more than 190 points, win regional competitions, and learn to analyze themselves with the help of Vynnychenko’s works. For 5 years after graduating from school, even former thugs thank Olesia for her attention and time-tested ability to inspire.

What skills do Alpha generation students need?

Competitive in the market of the future, a kind of topographer in the information space. Olesia believes that it is important for students to be able to critically comprehend and apply knowledge. Just learning from a textbook is not enough. Thus, in her language and literature lessons, the finalist introduces elements of ICT and does not stop even when it becomes difficult.

Professional dreams: Olesia needs to show a better result every time than before. Therefore, she does not tire of participating in pedagogical competitions and contests. The finalist tells her students: “Participation is important, but to keep up, you need to go ahead.” Olesia’s dream is to improve, and thus win at qualitatively new levels. Moreover, her dream is to inspire students and colleagues to be an example. 

Source of inspiration: Encouraging parents of students to participate in the competition for the position of principal. During her teaching career, Olesia had no misunderstandings or conflicts with her children’s relatives. The parents’ meeting of the finalists is educational: she does not criticize students but talks about their teaching methods and areas for improvement in the learning process in general.