Andrii Oliinyk

Фото фіналіста

Location: Kamianske, Dnipropetrovsk oblast

School: Municipal institution “Secondary school № 35 of Kamyanka city council”

Subject: Primary school teacher

Mr. Oliynyk considers it his achievement that 28 of his students read over time. In addition to using innovative learning platforms, he came up with “Activity Minutes” when a teacher dances with children. Andrew also uses LEGO in his integrated lessons. In this way, his students learn language and mathematics together and can even present their moods.

What is your teaching superpower?

My teaching superpower is that I am in love with my little angels. This love is not of the teacher to the student, but of the teacher as a father to his children! This is the beginning of all my innovations and everything I have done in the sphere of education.

21st Century Teacher: Who are they in a nutshell?

A true friend to the students, an innovator, an implementer of change.

What phrase of your students gives you wings?

“Andriy Viktorovich, I want to be like you, I want to be a teacher like you”. The student took a black marker, drew on his eyebrows, and then said to me: “Andriy Viktorovich, I want such big eyebrows as yours. Look! I succeeded!”

Top skills you have acquired during distance learning.

I am a teacher, but thanks to distance learning I became so confident in the Zoom window that I sometimes imagined myself as a TV presenter. I began to develop my presentation skills: diction, voice, intonation, directing, and manner of presenting the material. It helped me a lot in creating my lessons.

Your professional dream.

To be able to develop throughout life, to become the head of a modern institution in which I will create a happy, safe, pleasant, friendly atmosphere for all participants in the educational process.