Bohdan Zavydovskyi

Фото фіналіста

Location: Dnipro

School: LLC “Private Secondary School “Primus Inter Pares School”

Subject: Biology, Science, Chemistry, Me and the world (primary school)

After being forced to move from Donetsk, Bohdan had to start life with a clean slate. Gradually he found his vocation in the teaching profession. The teacher and colleagues undertook to expand the STEAM direction and reformatted it into the concept of SEPIA. This concept is expressed in the following formula: SEPIA = (STEM + Soft skills) * Global Sustainable Development Goals. Interestingly, the teacher is involved in the development of technology for the production of entomopathogenic nematodes to protect open ground crops from pests. That is, in practice, he uses the methods he teaches children.

I see my mission in the development of STEM education with a combination of soft skills, integrated education courses, and case studies so that students are not afraid of “difficult” subjects and genuinely interested in them.”