Hlib Repich

Фото фіналіста

Location: Kyiv

School: LLC “Educational Institution “Kyiv Global School “Atmospheric School”

Subject: Chemistry

Hlib ran his popular science column on the morning TV show “Snidanok with 1+1”, conducted research at Dresden University of Technology with a grant, and was invited to a postdoctoral position in China to work on new promising batteries. During the year, his students improve their knowledge from “unsatisfactory” to “excellent”, win international chemistry competitions and stop being afraid of natural sciences. The finalist also has a TikTok channel on chemistry with 140,000 subscribers, 99% of whom are Ukrainian students. In the future, Hlib plans to create online courses on school subjects at the “profile” level, which will allow students from all over the country to gain quality knowledge.

«If we want to restore the lost scientific and technical potential of our state, we should start not with a university or academy, but with a school. We should motivate children, show that by choosing science-intensive specialties they will be able to get a decent salary in our country doing their favorite thing».