Pavlo Viktor

Фото фіналіста

Location: Odesa

School: Richelieu Scientific Lyceum

Subject: Physics

Pavlo Viktor is best known for his YouTube channel. He recorded and published a full course in Physics from 7th to 11th grade on YouTube channel. His initial goal was to provide quality education to its own students during quarantine. But the blog quickly gained popularity among schoolchildren throughout Ukraine and beyond. Currently, more than 770,000 subscribers have subscribed to the channel. And the number of views has already exceeded the mark of 40 million.

«For example, a student under the nickname “Philip” wrote in comments to one of the video tutorials: “Mr. Viktor, thank you for the physics course. Thanks to you I passed the External Independent Examination with 200 points.” Who knows, maybe he is not the only one in Ukraine who has achieved such a result in Ukraine».