Yuliia Dolzhanska

Фото фіналіста

Location: Kharkiv

School: Kharkiv private lyceum “Ranok School” of Kharkiv region

Subject: Class teacher, Ukrainian literature, Ukrainian language

Since 2019, Yuliia has been regularly writing Ukrainian language content for the Erudito educational application. With the help of it, children of grades 2–4 easily learn complex topics through interactive games and bright comics, cool videos and live animations. Moreover, the teacher created a creative form of preparation for the External Independent Evaluation using QR codes. Julia is also developing in science. In particular, she defended her dissertation and already has a degree of Candidate of Philological Sciences in Ukrainian literature.

«Last school year proved to all of us that it is necessary to develop opportunities for distance education, use cloud technologies, and gadgets in education. And what is more, you need to change the approach to teaching disciplines».