Natalia Kidalova

Фото фіналіста

Natalia Kidalova is the 2019 best teacher in Ukraine. She teaches at the Melitopol School №23, and coordinates the work of the Southern Hub of the All-Ukrainian educational reforms support programme “Democratic School”.

Location: Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia oblast

School: Melitopol Specialized School №23 of Grades I-III

Subject: English, Ukrainian language and literature




What is your teaching superpower?

Natalia is the “pea” from Andersen’s fairy tale “Princess and the Pea”. She does not allow students and colleagues to get into the routine but instead inspires them to constant movement and rebellion for development. Natalie’s students also grow up to be “peas”: they study abroad, join the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership, and work as photographers and pathologists, welders and lawyers.

21st Century Teacher: Who are they in a nutshell?

A mill that works thanks to the wind of change and creates quality flour. And also a pulsator-pusher of programs and projects. Parents jokingly call Natalia a “golden goose” because she won 15 computers, 10 laptops, 30 tablets, and a playground for the school. The teacher of the new era is a combination of anomalous curiosity, creativity, and restlessness with a touch of hyper-responsibility and purposefulness.

What skills do Alpha generation students need? 

Ecological worldview, critical thinking, information literacy, empathy, the ability to “sing” both “solo” and in the “choir”, the ability to find a common denominator in a colorful environment in order to understand under any circumstances. To adapt to rapid change, students need to value themselves and the people around them, rejoice in victory, and see defeat as a motivator for growth. But most importantly is that you have to dream.

Professional dream: To change the public perception that being a teacher is a sacrifice, not a vocation that brings pleasure. Motivate students to choose the profession of teacher.

Source of inspiration: To be an example of faith in miracles for potential changemakers. Moreover, to make these miracles a reality, despite the obstacles and the need to get out of the comfort zone.