Nomination of participants and filling out of the application form

Номінація учасників та заповнення анкети

After the start of the new season of the Award, teachers can fill out an application form on the website. They also can be nominated by somebody from their surrounding, like students or work colleagues.

Given the mission of the project, the nomination is an extremely important stage of the Award. Ut is through the nomination that the maximum involvement of society takes place. Every Ukrainian can say “thank you” to a teacher who goes beyond the standard, believes, dreams, inspires and makes a change. Students, parents, colleagues or friends can nominate their favorite teacher. To do this, they just have to follow the link and answer a few simple questions in the application form:

The only condition is that the teacher who is nominated must work at the school (be a practitioner).

After receiving the application, the Osvitoria team sends a congratulatory letter to the teacher and offers to fill out the application form for the Award (the teacher can fill in the application form ONLY independently).

The application is considered completed when a teacher has submitted the form.

However, one does not need to be nominated to participate in the Award. Teachers can go to the site and fill out the form themselves, without prior notice:

The application form contains both technical and basic questions, which we recommend to cover in the form of an essay.

After closing the registration and receiving all applications on the 1st of August, the processing of the application forms begins.

Everyone who has applied has a profile in the system, which is further analysed by volunteers, experts, and jury members.