Oleh Slushnyi

Фото фіналіста

Location: Vinnytsia

School: Municipal institution “General school of I-III degrees №20 of Vinnytsia city council”

Subject: Computer Science


What is your teaching superpower?

Ability to find gifted children and promote their self-realization in life. Mr. Slushnyi’s students are winners of all-Ukrainian Olympiads and international competitions in computer science, information technology, and mathematics.

21st Century Teacher: Who are they in a nutshell?

Is in constant pedagogical search for innovative educational technologies. Mr.Slushnyi himself uses STEM approaches and techniques of mnemonics during his lessons. To master the curriculum, his students create and program robots.

What skills do Alpha generation students need?

Critical thinking, digital hygiene, and English language skills. Mr. Slushnyi is trying to reduce the educational and technological gap in his school to help children acquire relevant competencies. He also organizes interactive trips and thematic excursions to modern laboratories to encourage students to learn.   

Professional dream: 

  1. To be an innovative teacher and promoter of lifelong learning. Mr. Slushnyi is an active participant in non-conference organized by EdCamp and an annual guest of the Perspektyva educational technology festival.
  2. To show future teachers that teachers are important. Thus, Mr. Slushnyi regularly shares his experience and personal life hacks with university and college students.
  3. To teach children to be environmentally conscious. At his school, Mr. Oleg initiated the collection of used batteries and recyclables, and also encouraged students to use the mobile application “Climate Drops”, which helps to monitor one’s actions that are useful for the environment.

Source of inspiration: 

Students who aspire to become successful professionals and responsible members of civil society.