Terms of the Award and requirements for the best teacher of the year

What teacher are we looking for?

First of all, the one who DREAMS, INSPIRES, and CHANGES! Each candidate for the Prize is evaluated according to clearly defined criteria. The jury will seek confirmation:

  • Achieving noticeable results in students studying.

For example, improved students’ grades, students’ attendance/behavior; the achievements that students have in further education, in work, as well as giving them as many opportunities to realize their potential.

  • Apply innovative and effective educational practices that can be replicated and expanded to influence education worldwide.

For example, through the innovative use of technology or atypical educational techniques that can be replicated in other schools in the same context.

  • Recognition of teacher achievement in the classroom and beyond by students, colleagues, school principals, or members of the wider community.

For example, receiving local/national awards for teachers; recognition in the local/national press or in academic publications; recommendations from students, colleagues, and leaders; active membership at the highest level in independent organizations or councils that promote education.

  • Helping children to become citizens of the world by providing them with an education based on the values of youth development skills for life and work. Such education should prepare them for a world in which children will meet people of different confessions, cultures, and nationalities.

An example is the organization of employment or other methods of access to the labor market; liaising with educational institutions in other parts of the world, as well as promoting student exchange programs.

  • Achievements (outside the classroom) that provide society with unique models for achieving not only personal but also a general success, particularly in the teaching profession.

Recognition through community awards; membership in local organizations (any articles in the press will be useful).

  • Encouraging teachers to stay in the profession and develop their skills, as well as encouraging others to become teachers.

For example, teaching or mentoring teachers, working in introductory pedagogical training, mentoring other teachers, as well as implementing (with others) continuous professional development. In addition, participation in public debates about the teaching profession, possibly through speeches, writing articles, blogging, participation in the media, social media campaigns, and participation in events or conferences.

Technical criteria

The award is available to teachers who are currently working and teaching children in the frameworks of compulsory school education or to children between the ages of six and eighteen. Teachers who continue to teach, even on a non-staff basis, are also eligible to participate, as are teachers of online courses. The prize can be awarded to school teachers of any type and form of ownership.

Applications are accepted until August 1, 2021, and the name of the winner will be announced on October 2, 2021, at a grand award ceremony.